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Lifesfinewhine By Pooja

I don’t usually post on Thursdays but I just had to today because I recently just reached 1000 followers and I am really so thankful for each and every one of them. All of you have incredible blogs and I thought that it would be an awesome way to celebrate if everyone shared a link to their blog and a little excerpt of what their blog is about. This way we can all communicate with each other, promote your own blog and you may find blogs you really like too!

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Naked Thoughts

You are not always right,
In fact chances are you will fail most times,
But don’t let that be held above your head,
Because you see this life?
It wasn’t made for the perfect,
The endless hurdles are there for a reason,
Maybe to toughen you up,
Maybe to prepare you for the life to come…
My dear,
Some days your shirt will come unbuttoned,
You might trip and fall on air,
Your hair will refuse to lie down and behave,
And you might step on a puddle of dirty water leaving your socks smelly and wet,
The whole month may refuse to cooperate,
But do not stop trying,
Because know it or not,
You are actually doing great!
Get up and rise,
Above the failed tests,
The lover who left,
The weight you have recently gained,
The acne that keeps storming your face,
The fact…

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Naked Thoughts

I am a wall flower,
Very obvious but often unseen, unnoticed,
I am like a pebble on the road,
Or a fallen leaf being carried in the wind,
I live in the realization of my insignificance,
At least in the standards set by this world,
And so my days go by without much expectation,
Little to no hope…
But, yesterday you changed all that,
Yesterday you broke the monotony of my forever-unyielding routine, and created joy in my heart,
You remembered me even when you had so much more important things to think about,
For the first time in a long while,
My wings felt the wind blow through,
My feet dropped the heaviness of despair,
And for a moment I wanted to dance.
You turned me from a dull moth to a bright butterfly,
The sound of your voice the music that guided my feet,
In the universe created…

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